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Anatomy & Physiology:

The “Gateway” Course

Across the nation, nearly one third of all students who attempt Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) will not complete the course, or their program. This is why A&P is often considered a “Gateway” course.

For many students the gate seems shut as a result of:

  • not having the prerequisites needed for success
  • inability to fully interact with and synthesize core concepts
  • not being able to find or adapt the “hidden curriculum”
  • missing academic skills to be an effective student

Now more than ever, students are looking for help unlocking their future in A&P and allied health. Integrated General Biology and Skills for Success in Science (IGB3S) hands over the key.

Integrated General Biology 
Skills for Success in Science

The “Keys” to Unlocking the Future

Integrated General Biology and Skills for Success in Science (IGB3S) is an integrated course that prepares students for the journey to A&P or other allied health care programs. The course keys to success:

  • reduce the number of prerequisite courses required
  • make traditionally difficult content attainable
  • build on prior knowledge via the Socratic method
  • increase individual confidence through creation of cohorts
  • reduce anxiety for students by addressing the hidden curriculum

Because IGB3S is integrated and contextualized, it weaves together content to create an interconnected framework that helps students succeed in school and successfully graduate into the workplace.

Students completing IGB3S are almost 10% more likely to persist through their programs while outperforming other students by a full a letter grade.

Struggling students become good students.
Good students become great students!

What IGB3S Stands For

More than a study of Biology, IGB3S is an integration of Math, Chemistry, and Biology that builds, and in many cases rebuilds, student competency and confidence. Students completing this course experience a level of success that propels them scholastically, professionally, and interpersonally.

As a college-level course, IGB3S  develops  students who are able to to think critically, work with others professionally, eager to advance within their program, and ultimately mature into confident students that are able to overcome challenges. 

As a high school biology course with dual credit credentials, IGB3S integrates and contextualizes the foundational concepts students need to be successful as they progress academically or into the allied health care workforce.

What IGB3Delivers

Instructional Effectiveness

Instructional EffectivenessRedefining a foundational core experience using Biology to promote subject matter expertise and long-term academic success by fostering personal growth and achievement.

  • Fully customizable curriculum with online content
  • Combines multiple prerequisites into a single integrated course
  • Proven increases in persistence and retention
  • Contains the NCRC/ACT WorkKeys credential
  • College Credit Plus/Dual Enrollment eligible (“CCP/DE”)

Student Experience

Student ExperienceDelivering turn-key facilitation for instructors that leads to application and mastery of core concepts needed for advancement.

  • Experiential pedagogy engages active learning
  • Active learning and lab work builds lasting cohorts
  • Integrated course reduces credit hours to completion
  • Chance to earn a stackable career credential
  • Earn college credit while in high school

Pedagogical Excellence

Pedagogical ExcellenceProven pedagogy fully supported with teaching materials and scripts enables instructors to focus on delivery, not preparation.

  • Socratic methodology underpins the instructional approach
  • Inquiry-based and active learning materials promote deeper understanding
  • Contextualized content for allied health builds professional aptitude
  • Integrated themes with spiraling concepts reinforces learning
  • Student accountability fosters social engagement and interpersonal skills
  • Hidden curriculum addressed to establish the confidence needed to complete the program

Comprehensive Course Package

The IGB3S Course uses multiple pedagogical and evidence-based approaches that work synergistically with traditional content to promote student success. IGB3S integrates Math, Biochemistry, and Biology content within a spiraling curriculum to contextualize A&P content and themes.

This pedagogy coupled with tools that reveal the ‘hidden curriculum’ of academic and professional skills-development ultimately increases student success in A&P, and builds work-readiness aptitude needed in science and health-related careers.

The Pedagogy Opens the Gate…

In the Classroom

Facilitated by instructors using EFFECTIVE© lesson plans Math, Biochemistry and Biology concepts are:

– Integrated –
– Contextualized –
– Spiraling –

In the Laboratory

Guided by instructors and reinforced with student-led activities that are

– Inquiry-based –
– Student-driven –
– Experiential –
– Empowering –
– Self-Directed Learning –

Learning Online

Core and supporting content presented on-line, enabling deeper learning that reinforces

– Science Skills –
– Critical-Thinking –
– Career Preparation –
– Academic Proficiency –
– Self-Directed Learning –

Socratic methods, cooperative learning, cohort building and the EFFECTIVE© lesson plan are the foundation of the pedagogy in all parts of the Biology 100 “Integrated General Biology and Skills for Success in Science – IGB3S” course.

The IGB3S course package uses educational theories that maximize content delivery. Using an integrated, contextualized approach with a spiraling curriculum, key concepts in Math, Biochemistry, and Biology are reinforced and interwoven throughout each chapter.

The kinesthetic-oriented, inquiry-based laboratory sessions and active learning activities create a cohort-mentality among students. This means students become active-learners and are vested in learning the material as much as they are in helping each other succeed.

IGB3S Benefits

Innovative Program Generating Real Results

In 2012 the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) labeled this course a national best practice after formal review. The OCCRL has encouraged the authors to “galvanize a national movement” based on the approach and success of the course.

IGB3S has delivered results year after year.

Empowered Students

Students taking IGB3S develop academic skills that help them progress through A&P courses more effectively and confidently. At the same time, students also earn real-world credentials and build career skills that prepare them for professional success.

  • Earn NCRC/stackable credentials
  • Cohort building establishes a peer-level support network throughout the program
  • Integrated course content combines multiple requisites into a single class, reducing time to program completion and increasing rate of accomplishment
  • Career preparation tools such as learning type assessments and resume building templates builds self-awareness and confidence
  • High School students can earn college credits via Dual Enrollment
Walking into A&P was overwhelming. The professor moved so quickly and bombarded us with a LOT of material on the first day (welcome to college, right?). Because of IGB3S , I felt I was more prepared for what was to come. IGB3S not only focused on our main subjects of Biology, but the course also prepared us for our future jobs.
Pamela R.
I was returning to school after a 24 year break, and I had forgotten everything about science that I learned before. If I had not taken IGB3S I would have been lost in Anatomy the first day.  The knowledge gained in the class gave me the confidence to begin the Anatomy and Physiology class knowing what I was learning, and feeling capable of success. IGB3S has been invaluable as I progress toward my major.
Cathy K.
This course is wonderful preparation for the health field. It truly helps you understand the smallest forms of life. This class has helped me to look at simple things deeply, and also has helped me to understand the way I learn best. I have built strong study and communication skills through this course. This class is a building block to my path of success.
Bryce B.
This class helped me understand the basics of biology and it will be very helpful for my A&P I class. I have already built a study strategy for A&P I. This class will be very helpful for my A&P I success because I already know what is waiting for me.
Georgette Z.
Starting this class was very scary for me, having been out of school for 30 years. I will be referring not only back to this well-written text, but all my notes given during lectures and labs. I feel 100% confident in the knowledge I have received from this class.
Lynda M.
IGB3S was helpful and a great class that. I learned a lot. It prepared me to go to the next level. I learned critical thinking skills alongside the knowledge I received. I have good ideas that will help me build good strategies to succeed in the future.
Khabaisi T.
As a 30yr old student returning to school, IGB3S gave me the refresher that I needed to confidently move on to higher level sciences and nursing courses. Having a course prepped toward healthcare made it interesting and relatable to the real world. I believe this class has built a strong base knowledge for me to build off of in A&P I. I can confidently enter A&P knowing I have the tools I need to not only comprehend the content of the class, but to receive an “A”.
Erica F.
IGB3S has helped me in many different ways. It was a perfect refresher course that provides the basic information about biochemistry that will be beneficial for my understanding of things in A&P.
Mackenzie A.
After returning to school and learning just how much of an impact A&P has on my future, I was scared. Taking IGB3S has provided me with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.
Chris S.
This class has helped me prepare for A&P I. It forms a plan of non-stop focus and determination. I’ll use the material I’ve learned to my best advantage by continuing to focus on my goals and apply everything I’ve learned.
Karen W.
This class is designed to introduce and review information in such a way that it becomes easier to remember. It’s very nice to have lab groups to share information and experiences.
Tonnisha P.
This class is designed to introduce and review information in such a way that it becomes easier to remember. It’s very nice to have lab groups to share information and experiences.
Joan G.
You will learn a lot of information by completing an extensive amount of work in a short period of time. At some points some of what you do will seem unrelated, but if you stick with it and do the work it all comes together in the end. This class has helped me build a foundation for A&P. The information I have learned in this class will give me a greater and more in-depth understanding of what I learn.
Courtney G.

Turnkey Course Delivery

The IGB3S course is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that can be scaled up or down to fit the needs of the school. The full course package includes a full complement of resources for students and instructors that includes:

Instructor Resources

  • Instructor guides for all content
  • EFFECTIVE lesson plans
  • Active learning lesson plans
  • Course content test bank
  • Competency Exam test bank
  • Cooperative learning activities
  • Customizable online quizzes
  • Web-accessible gradebook and progress reporting

Student Resources

  • Textbook
  • Lab Manual
  • Skills for Success in Science learning modules
  • Work Readiness learning modules
  • Active Learning Activities
  • Course web page with additional resources

Success no matter
how it’s measured

Since inception in 2012, IGB3S has delivered consistent results every year. Students taking the course are 10% more likely to persist through their programs and out-perform other students by a full letter grade.
Struggling students become good students.
Good students become great students.

Course training for instructors is available and often covered by your institution’s grant funds.