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About Socratis

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Chances are you’ve had at least one in your life:

The “cool teacher.”

From the first day of class you could see they were different. They were more than a talking head at the front of the room. They were more than rules and memorization and standardization. They made eye-contact with you. You felt a personal connection with them, one that extended to whatever subject they were teaching. That connection is something you will talk about years – or even decades later. Like a contestant on a quiz show, you still cite facts and concepts from their course. You talk about them like they are a family member.

That “cool teacher” opened a world of knowledge and wonder. They made their subject real. Accessible. Tangible. It became something you were free to explore, question, disagree, and share with others. The “cool teacher” introduced facts and concepts while tying them to real-life applications. They forced you and your classmates to work together, as well as figure things out on your own. They answered some questions but not others. They answered some questions by asking harder ones. They revisited the same concept multiple times but in different ways and helped you see how it applies to your future. In the same course they gave you confidence, confusion, uncertainty, doubt, insight, epiphany and back to confidence. The entire journey was planned by the teacher with each stage as certain as knowing that if you put in the effort, you would succeed.

Socratis is that “cool teacher.”

Actually, Socratis is lucky to be made up of a lot of cool teachers whose goal is to share the “cool teacher” experience with as many students as possible. As every teacher knows, an experience like that only comes as a result of a lot of hard work, preparation, resources, and continuous improvement. Socratis’ mission is to provide the materials, resources and training that enables every instructor and every student to share the “cool teacher” experience.

Galvanizing a national movement isn’t easy –
we need your help!

The Office of Community College Research and Leadership labeled Integrated Biology as a national best practice, and encouraged us to “galvanize a national movement.” The only way we can do that is by hearing from, and working with people like you.

Please reach out to us and let us know if you think IGB3S has a place in your school.