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As a general science course for high schools, the IGB3S pedagogy helps students achieve content mastery across the integrated subjects of Chemistry, Math, and Biology while simultaneously earning college credit at schools leveraging the dual credit credentials of the course. In addition to college-level preparation, IGB3S also imparts academic and professional skills development that increases students maturity and critical thinking.

IGB3S presents high school educators with a turnkey, college-credentialed course that prepares students for success in Science, and in their academic future. As a dual credit course, IGB3S also fosters stronger relationships with college partners, as instructors are able to work collaboratively with colleges in the delivery of materials and sharing of best practices.

A Case Study in High School Partnerships


Multi-faceted Pedagogy

Students recognize immediately that the IGB3S pedagogy departs from a static classroom experience. Active participation and Socratic interactions with instructors create a rich, collaborative learning environment where core concepts are explored deeply. Foundational themes are presented in multiple formats and approaches. As students gain trust in the process they grow not only as practitioners of the scientific method, but grow in confidence for their future academic or job-related pursuits.

For instructors, IGB3S empowers teachers with a mix of pedagogical tools that work together synergistically and have been proven to dramatically increase comprehension, synthesis, and mastery. This allows instructors to put their full efforts into facilitating the highest-impact lessons and activities, and unleashing the passion of teaching that truly changes lives.

Turnkey Materials

Instructional Empowerment

The IGB3S course comes with a full complement of teaching materials, ranging from lecture-based to student-directed to group projects. Instructors can mix-and-match learning modalities to best support their goals and class learning styles. Students are able to reinforce or extend their learning using supporting materials.

Course topics include lesson plans and suggested scripts; all other materials come with instructions and answer guides. One goal of IGB3S is to minimize instructor preparation on basic elements. Doing so allows instructors to put their full efforts into preparing and conducting the highest-impact lessons and activities, and unleashing the passion of teaching that truly changes lives.


Dual Credit
for High School and College

IGB3S is a fully-credentialed college course, and when offered in partnership with a local college, high school students can earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

The dual credit relationship benefits everyone involved and IGB3S is positioned to foster those benefits early in the academic cycle. As a result of taking IGB3S, students are encouraged to continue to progress academically as they are earning credits for college, as early as Freshman year. Since IGB3S contextualizes learning for A&P, this prepares students for more science classes while building their confidence.

Academic and Professional Skills Development

Supporting content for IGB3S includes a Skills for Success in Science module that teaches students how to conduct good science in academic and professional settings. There is also a Work Readiness module that trains students how to develop and execute strategies and tactics to explore, earn, and develop a career in allied health. These modules work together to prepare students for the coming challenges in academia or the workplace.

The Skills for Success in Science, and Work Readiness modules give students the preparation and skills needed to succeed in real-world situations. Taking that one step farther, IGB3S also gives each student an opportunity to earn a career credential as part of the the ACT WorkKeys program. This credential is stackable with other certificates, and is recognized by employers as a legitimate accomplishment that helps students stand out among their peers.

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