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IGB3S for Educators

Instructors using IGB3S are furnished with the pedagogical approach and supporting materials they need to break out of the “old teaching model” and focus on their passion – reaching students deeply.

With the ability to customize course content and pacing, and mix student-directed materials with in-class recitation, instructors can fully apply active learning and Socratic methods to maximize class time. This results in deeper interaction with students and builds the academic relationship that is the foundation for student success.

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Unique Pedagogy

IGB3S utilizes a unique mix of pedagogical and evidence-based approaches that work synergistically with traditional content to promote student success.

Math, Chemistry and Biology concepts are integrated at common roots and explored deeply. Real world application of ideas provides the contextualization needed to solidify learning. A&P themes are reinforced by spiraling throughout the course.

These approaches coupled with active learning activities and Socratic methodology establish the learning environment that has proven to deliver breakthrough success.

Turnkey Materials

Instructional Empowerment

The IGB3S course comes with a full complement of teaching materials, ranging from lecture-based to student-directed to group projects. Instructors can mix-and-match learning modalities to best support their goals and class learning styles.

Course topics include lesson plans and suggested scripts; all other materials come with instructions and answer guides. IGB3S’ goal is to minimize instructor preparation on basic elements. Doing so allows instructors to put their full efforts into conducting the highest-impact lessons and activities, and unleashing the passion of teaching that truly changes lives.


Content Mastery

The purpose of the IGB3S pedagogy is to unlock the gate to content mastery. Since 2012, the IGB3S approach has consistently shown students perform better – by a full letter grade.

Behind the letter grades are instructors and students that are connecting more deeply, and having more enriching interactions. Instructors take part as students make profound growth in maturity, critical thinking skills, and overall confidence.

Prerequisite Credit Hour Reduction

IGB3S integrates Math, Chemistry, and Biology – subjects that are often offered as individual courses. As an integrated, 6 hour course, IGB3S helps schools meet state mandates for reducing time to graduate.

Improved Retention and Progression

Students completing IB3S are nearly 10% more likely to persist through their program of study than students not taking the course. These successful students become a growth engine for their school both in terms of financial contribution and positive reputation.

Career Ready Student

Students complete IGB3S with an opportunity to earn a stackable career credential as part of the the ACT WorkKeys program. This not only gives students a legitimate career credential that allied health employers respect, it also increases student confidence that they are career-ready.

IGB3S includes modules that teach Skills for Success in Science, as well as Work Readiness. These modules help schools teach “the hidden curriculum” while preparing them for the workplace. Confident, prepared, successful students excel in the workplace, and their reflection on the school only creates more employer opportunities and partnerships in the future.

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