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IGB3S for Students

Students taking IGB3S experience a jump-start in their academic careers and personal development. Whether taken as an introduction to science or allied health programs, or, as a refresher “Biology/A&P boot camp,” IGB3S imparts the academic and science skills needed to help students progress effectively and confidently.

Rapid progression is one of the hallmarks of IGB3S, most directly seen in the integration of Math, Biochemistry, and Biology into a single course. Schools can offer IGB3S in place of three separate prerequisite courses, enabling students to progress more efficiently, in less time, and at a cost savings.

As students progress academically, they also advance professionally and personally. During the course, students engage in skills development modules that address ways to become a better student, as well as how to find, interview, win, and keep a job. This culminates in an opportunity to earn an ACT WorkKeys® national career readiness credential that directly increases employability.

Active Learning

An innovative course that opens the gate for students and instructors.

At the heart of the IGB3S experience is active learning, whereby students fully engage with the material and instructor through a deliberate mix of reading, writing, talking, listening, and reflecting.

Team Building

Within IGB3S collaboration and teamwork are emphasized as being critical to individual success. The cohort-mentality naturally emerges as students see instructors role model the Socratic method, where every individual’s knowledge, experience, and skills are respected and maximized. This respect and appreciation leads to mutual encouragement and high performance in group activities such as lab work and active learning activities. Ultimately, this cohort mentality has shown to continue beyond this class, and carry through students’ academic careers.

Multi-faceted Pedagogy

IGB3S introduces multiple pedagogical tools that have been proven to dramatically increase comprehension, synthesis, and mastery. Simple concepts are explored deeply. Foundational themes are presented in multiple formats and approaches.

Students recognize immediately that the pedagogy departs from the norm, and that true content mastery is the shared goal. As students gain trust in the process they grow not only as practitioners of the scientific method, but grow in confidence and competence as a student and future professional.

Subject Synergy

IGB3S integrates Math, Chemistry, and Biology in real world contexts and applications so that students can apply to new knowledge to their own lives. This makes traditionally complex material more relevant and approachable, and establishes a foundation of understanding to build upon as they progress through A&P.

Schools offering IGB3S as a 6hr integrated course enable students to complete multiple prerequisites concurrently, thereby enabling them to matriculate through their program sooner and with greater confidence.

Personal Skill Development

As part of bringing scientific concepts to life, students are given tools to help them succeed as allied health practitioners, and in life.

Supporting content for the course includes Skills for Success in Science module that teaches students how to conduct good science in academic and professional settings. In addition, a Work Readiness module powers up students with strategies and tactics to explore, earn, and develop a career in allied health.

Students who complete these courses have an opportunity to earn a career credential as part of the ACT WorkKeys program.

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